About The School of Public Speaking

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The Guy Yariv School of Public speaking is Israel's foremost institution for presentations, lecturing, debating and all activities of speaking to audiences in both Hebrew and English. Whether you have never been in front of an audience or an experienced speaker, you can acquire new and useful knowledge to promote your professional life and enrich your private life. Our campus in Ramat Gan's Diamond Exchange quarter offers activities for students, alumnis and the general public.  In addition we organize activities throughout the country, as well as publishes articles and guidebooks.

The school was established by Guy Yariv, an internationally renowned debater and an educational entrepreneur  in 2007 and has grown over the years by incorporating best and brightest graduates into the school. Today every single management, teaching and administrative worker was once a rookie student, making his (or her) first steps in overcoming stage-fright and skeptically wondering whether this program is for him…


The school offers a variety of courses for beginners and advanced students, both Online and Offline in Hebrew and English. All our courses are professionally demanding with second to none requirements, support and techniques.

Workshops and personal training office

The school offers workshops and personalized training tailored to the needs of every student. We offer sales training, TED-talks preparation, storytelling workshops and much more.

The courses and workshops are available for organizations as well as individual.

Volunteer Speaker Program (freespeech.co.il)

The school manages a singular database of public organizations in need of free lectures and promotes accomplished graduates to make their first steps in contributing to the community by lecturing in their fields

Public debate club

Israel's only general-public debate club meets twice monthly to discuss and argue current affairs and other contentious issues in this exciting and challenging game.

Our club is unique in its support for speech-anxiety and the special tools for beginners.

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