Community activities and events

Our alumni Community After 13 years and 280 courses, we have a thriving community of 3,600 students and graduates engaged in our public speaking community.public speaking tutors

Our alumni tutor new students, volunteer for lectures in needing communities, participate in our Debate-club and networking meetings, and some of them are new full time staff members in the school.

Netwroking events

On the 1st Sunday of every month we have an alumni forum where past and recent graduates get to mingle with students, prospects and each-other. These forums are invaluable for maintaining the skills and confidence they acquired in the courses, and is also an excellent way to make new connections.

Tutoring Sessions

Every a week we have a practice and tutoring session for students. They sit in a small group and go over the course material: explaining, practicing and giving emotional support that comes from having gone through the same process themselves. Motivated graduates get complimentary training at teaching and tutoring and those who qualify join our celebrated tutoring programs. Hundreds of our alumni have gone through these trainings, because they've seen their value first hand as students- That there's no better way to learn something than to teach it.

Debate Clubdebate club

Our Debate-club meets twice a month for this intellectual 'sport' challenging two opposing teams to argue for and against a contention subject. It is an adrenalin filled game that fosters fast thinking, creativity and persuasion skills in a fun activity. Our debate club is unique in 2 ways: It is the only one in Israel open to the general public, and it offers special tools for overcoming stage fright.

Volunteer Lecturers (

To get our students and graduates started in lecturing and giving speeches, our community developed this singular enterprise where we collected hundreds of organizations in need of good lectures and low funds: Non-profits, NGO's and public organizations on a tight budget can sign up to and search our database of volunteering lecturers. Many of the contact people in those organizations are actually alumni who can direct the novice speaker in his first steps and give her (or him) professional feedback.

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